Where design

meets performance!

Welcome to the new era with PARDO. Designed for sophisticated guests that appreciate high quality, innova- tive lines, luxurious comfort and much more.

Explore the volcanic island of Santorini and discover the hidden gems of nearby islands in the most unique way. Be impressed by the advanced technology, the quality and the outstanding performance of the vessel of the future.

The floating suite

SUNREEF Yacht was presented the first open catamaran concept in 2014 during the Cannes Yachting Festival. Since that time company’s engineers and designers have been developing the concept to achieve the world’s most technically advanced multihull luxury speeder available on the market opens into your personal floating dock.

The comfort of the yacht, compared to a 5-star hotel, will satisfy even the most demanding guests. Get on board and discover the unique Caldera of Santorini and the nearby islands of the Aegean Sea.

Sail away and leave it all behind. You are at Saint!

Embark on a truly magnificent private yachting experience and succumb to the carefree spirit of the Aegean Sea…With a detoxed mind and a pumped-up spirit, simply lay back and enjoy the views, the fresh air and the luxuriance of your own private yacht! You can party anytime, anywhere with good company, calm waves, cool drinks and the sweet Santorini sun – every moment is amplified.

Our premium yacht fleet is literally right at your feet; we can take you for a ride around the volcanic islets, for a quick island getaway or an evening dinner in the heart of Caldera. You name your theme; you pick the vibe and we’ll take care of the rest- just because! Laid-back luxury never felt so epic.

We are Saint. We believe in extravagance!


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